Day 11 – May 21, 2011:

The bus that goes from Hondura Azul to Condega twice a day arrived around 5 blaring its music to let everyone know that the party bus had arrived.  The first team continued setting crossbeams, bending rebar and securing the decking.  First major obstacle of the day was realizing we were not going to have enough bolts to secure the decking to the crossbeams…luckily much like everything else this did not hold us up for long.


Day 12 – May 22, 2001:

Three girls and Benjamin aka nicest beard growth from EWB decided that bridge building isn’t just for boys and showed them how it was done.  Work continued steadily with groups of four working for about 2 hours.  At sunset we were 2/3 complete on this day. Many people stopped and simply stared, taking a few moments to let us know how beautiful it looked.  Although Salvador (de Mujeres) wanted to continue through the night we all agreed it would be safer and faster to finish up tomorrow.

Day 13 – May 23, 2001:

With completion now in sight the group was ready to go bright and early around 5 am.  The first team went up and didn’t stop until some very generous members brought the last delicious breakfast we would have of gallo pinto, eggs and homemade corn tortillas.  The team worked quietly and efficiently but we hit another obstacle when we realized that we did not have enough wood planks for decking, but once again we didn’t let that little thing get in our way and we were determined to get to that other tower.  Little did we know that Joaquin, the awesome wood cutter guy, was below us cutting down precision cuts of wood for us to be able to complete the bridge. We watched in awe and amazement how he transformed wood before our eyes with only a chainsaw and a steady hand. By 9:30 am we were shaking hands with Juan (the village elder), Osmin and many others at the completion of the last wood plank.  An amazing accomplishment was accomplished that could not have been done without the members of EWB, Bridges to Prosperity and the hard work of the people of Hondura Azul (especially the kids!!!).