Day 6 – May 16, 2011:

Sal and I are totally lost on the day of week. We sleep about three hours a night thanks to endless snoring, humidity, and a mafia of roosters yelling into the night. This would result in another EWB member, Patrick, putting bounties on their heads. Talk of rooster for dinner would continue for the next hour or so.

It is time to finish the towers! Eddie is back and with the help of Matisun gets them done in no time. Sonya and I carefully measure out the placement of the hand cable saddles on each tower. These are placed in a mound of concrete at a certain height and width apart from each other. Sal and I discuss changing out the toilet bags while we break for hydration. With the saddles placed in the curing concrete we discuss the excavation of the anchor holes. They are already approximately 2.5 meters deep. There have been reasons floating around that they need to be the same depth as the tier foundations. This would mean two more meters of digging. I whip out the plans and my TI-30 and perform a series of sexy calculations to determine that the depth is fine and provides the necessary angle for the steel cables. Yay. We then begin the excavation of the approach walls which is small in comparison to the anchor holes.

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