Day 5 – May 15, 2011:

It is Sunday, we think, and Sal and I are preparing to construct the right side tower. Neither of us have done much brick laying and it takes us an hour to lay out five CMUs (It took Eddie about ten minutes). We feel like bad asses until another local mason comes to help. He constructs the entire base in about half an hour. The left and ride side tower bases are filled with a 1:2:4 concrete mixture. All concrete used in the project will be hand mixed.

The cables have arrived and are unloaded somewhat close to the site. They are tangled and we are thrown into some peril trying to untangle them, seeing how they violently whip around when being untangled. The entire group works together and we get all four cables strung out across the river with two on each sides of the tiers. The day comes to an end and we spend the evening discussing more politics with more George Bush and random redneck impersonations being produced.

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