Day 4 – May 14, 2011:

The rain has ceased and the portable toilets are put to full use. The idea of the portable toilet involves a seat and a bag with the rest being self-explanatory. The group begins the task of filling both left and ride sight top tiers with rocks and they finish in no time. The top of tiers are then placed with a layer of mortar approximately four inches thick to serve as the base for the towers. Sonya heads up the task of constructing the rebar cages for the anchors. She even enlists some local children with one being a sassy girl by the name of Yaritza. While the rebar cages are being built excavation is being done on the anchor holes located on the left and right sides. This is a slight struggle due to the extreme muddiness but several members adapt and increase the depth by half a meter. Sam thinks that the holes are excavated better by being shirtless. We meet the local mason, Eddie, and begin constructing the left and right side towers which are composed of concrete masonry units (CMUs). He completes most of the left side and the right side is left to us.

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