Day 3 – May 13, 2011:

We awaken the next morning to ant and mosquito bites. We take our last normal showers for the next two weeks. Our Bridges to Prosperity contact, Milosz Reterski, arrives and we begin our first task of unwinding, measuring, and cutting the cables to be used for the bridge. Those who forgot gloves will soon end up with completely black hands from the grease on the cable. We measure out four 95-meter pieces of one inch diameter steel cable. The next task of rolling each piece back up is back breaking and produces much sweat among the members. We feel like rock stars upon completing the rewinding of five pounds-per-meter steel cable.

We have an awesome breakfast of Gallo Pinto (seasoned rice and beans), fried cheese, eggs, and toast. After enjoying our breakfast we prepare to head to the bridge site. Sal, Sonya, and I head to the site with Milosz while the remainder of the team loads up the cable and await their transportation. The site is about 1.5 hours down a bumpy and windy dirt road. Milosz briefly explains the scope of what we have embarked upon.  We then part ways for the next few days. We immediately throw our bags in the empty community center and begin work on the bridge.

The tiers are completed and we begin to fill the right side top tier with large rocks. The locals immediately begin to help and hand us rocks. We fill up the right side top tier two-thirds of the way and decide to set up camp and get a system going before the rest of the group arrives. Sal and I derive a simple system of tying our tents into each other since the ground was concrete. The group arrives and we help set up the rest of camp. We are prepared to get to work when a torrential downpour occurs. We decide to hold off and prepare for the next day.

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