Day 2 – May 12, 2011:

I sleep for a few hours and am awoken loudly by another member who says that one of our group, who will remain unnamed, has cut his hand severely. Coming out of a somewhat half sleep I envision a near amputation with blood spurting everywhere. To my relief it was not the latter described. The unnamed member had cut his hand in between the thumb and index finger trying to cut an orange with an unnecessarily large bear killing knife. Fortunately there is a skin surgeon a few doors down the street. The unnamed member is now in debt to EWB for 200 dollars.

After a quick breakfast we load up and head north on the Pan American Highway to Condega. We discuss politics and I perform George Bush impressions on the way. Our van suffers a blowout approximately 5 kilometers outside and it happens to be right in front of school. The school teacher immediately welcomes us and the group gets a nice performance of the Nicaraguan national anthem by the school children. Three of us get to work on the flat. Patrick tries to signal to traffic to continue around us but looks like he is trying to flag them down for help which results in several moments of confusion between him and the drivers. We are on our way!

We arrive in Condega and take lodging in the Municipality’s guest house. We met up with Osmin, the amazing and enthusiastic public works director for Condega and discussed our plans to get this bridge underway. While we caught up with Osmin the mayor was preparing a presentation for us. This presentation was followed by great food and even greater dancing. Sonya Cooper tears up the dance floor in ways I have not thought possible.

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